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Never-say-die attitude did it for Pumas

Never-say-die attitude did it for Pumas

Contepomi: Crucial victory

Argentina coach Santiago Phelan and skipper Felipe Contepomi were in agreement that the Pumas refusal to accept defeat was the key to their 13-12 win over Scotland.

When a Dan Parks drop goal gave Scotland a six-point lead with just eight minutes left in the game it seemed Argentina where heading for an agonising defeat.

However, Lucas Gonzalez Amorosino raced over for the only try of the game almost straight from the restart and with Contepomi adding the extras suddenly the men from South America were in front.

Despite a fierce attack from the Scots for the remainder of the game, the Pumas held on to win.

“I think Argentina won the game because they never surrendered until the final whistle. They knew the game was 80 minutes long and they didn’t give in,” said Phelan.

“They didn’t hang their heads and that was evident, especially in the final three minutes when they defended.

“That’s what we asked of them. That’s what they did so we are very happy.”

However, Contepomi stressed that the job was not yet done, with a win against Georgia next week required to secure a place in the quarter-finals.

“We haven’t achieved anything yet. Now we are in the driving seat in playing Georgia and trying to get qualification. That’s what we’re here for,” he asserted.

The Scots felt a touch hard done by that Contepomi was not penalised for being offside at a break down in the dying moments as fly-half Dan Parks looked for a drop goal.

“Maybe it’s the benefit of being the captain,” Contepomi said of the incident.

“It was a very tough decision to make. Wayne Barnes fortunately he had his back to me.”


paco1710 says...

Well I am reading these comments and I quite surprised how the level of the fans is becoming more and more like football hooligans…

Yes, I am argentinian and of course I am happy that my side won. I am at the sam etime extremely sad tha scotland are on the other side, exactly like I was 4 years ago. For me Scotland and the scots have always been (and will be) my second team. Love their pation and commitment. You can say all you want, but the two teams are almost liek twins for game, courage and never let go attitude.
Again, I am sorry, but cannot blame it all on the referee: he made a wrong decision but he certainly did not left the ball at kick off being taken by the kicking team, he did not run through four (FOUR!) players without being tackled! Park had other cjoices, could have played the ball more to get a better chance or wait for the penalty. He decided for the DG. Sorry.
Argentina has much complains about the referee against England especially for that late tackle, for Lawes not being redcarded, for all the hands in the rucks played by the whites and for many other poor decisions. We had to take it down and play. So will have to do the scots.
with teh right refeeres England could be out of the tournament. Still possible if the brave scots paly their game. If instead arrives a bunch of whining lads, well, this is another story. But I never recall whining lads playing for scotland, and neither whinign fans.
Support your team please. And at least appreciate the wonderful try.

Best of luck

Juan José

September 26, 2011

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scotty2hottee says...

The point is this, he had to be behind the back foot entirely (his whole body) when the ruck is called, he was not and therefore was completely offside in front of the posts which should have resulted in a penalty. Wayne Barnes is a poor referee and has made some poor decisions long before this why does he keep getting crucial encounters?

September 26, 2011

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Courtney Lawes Knees says...

It’s a shame that all of the attention is on one decision from this match (even though his positioning was shocking). Wayne Barnes’ refereeing of the breakdown was abysmal throughout.
Some caveats: This is not a whinge about who should have won. Scotland had control of the game and blew it. Simple as. Argentina deserve credit for playing the ref to great effect (probably the key factor in their win). I understand too that the Pumas are good at turning the ball over and it’s an area they target. I have no issue with situations where they did that legally.
The main problem is that, on far too many occasions, Puma tacklers were allowed to interfere with the ball. I counted maybe 6 or 7 “illegal” turnovers. My point is that Barnes effort was not consistent with they way the RWC has been refereed up to now (and was nowhere near the generally very high standard we’ve seen). He should be called to account. Simple as.
p.s. I pity the teams who get him in the QFs (unless of course it’s the Pumas - I’d guess they’ll be pretty happy with his non-refereeing of the breakdown).

September 26, 2011

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dani100 says...

The northern hemisphere press instead did not even mention the clear penalty from M. Twilagui at the end of the Argentina-England game.
The Argentinean palyer was going to pick up the ball near the in goal after his kick and he was clearly tackled without the ball when England was ahead only by 1 point…

September 26, 2011

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creyna says...

Please, be honest. Contepomi was on side when the half back put his hands on ball!!!! The slow pass and the legal preasure from argentine defenders prevent the drop goal!!

September 25, 2011

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Theovalball says...

apologies to the other posters, my previous comment was made when the headline read “Contepomi admits being offside” I see PR has changed the headline…perhaps as a means to cover questionable journalism

September 25, 2011

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Theovalball says...

??? PR your journalism is slipping… at NO POINT inthis article does Contepomi say ” Yes, I was offside” which is beside the point because he was clearly onside when the scrumhalf placed his hands on the ball. Sadlz this WC is being tainted by shoddy and sensationalist journalism, which I thought, you, at PR were above… disappointed.

September 25, 2011

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chasebaca says...

Once the scrum half picks that ball up then it is in play and there is no off-side line.

Stop crying!!!


September 25, 2011

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