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Robinson questions scheduling

Robinson questions scheduling

Andy Robinson: Impressed by smaller nations

Scotland coach Andy Robinson has added his voice to the calls for longer turnaround times for matches at the Rugby World Cup.

Canada were particularly hard done by in this regard as they will have just four days to recover from their gruelling 25-20 win over Tonga on Wednesday before they meet France on Sunday.

Canada coach Kieran Crowley felt the lower-ranked nations are getting a raw deal in terms of scheduling.

“It makes me laugh when tier two countries have four-day turnarounds and all tier one countries have seven-day turnarounds and eight-day turnarounds,” Crowley told reporters.

Robinson also feels it’s not fair on the teams with smaller squads and hopes the International Rugby Board (IRB) will make changes at the next World Cup.

“I saw (IRB chief executive) Mike Miller on our flight today and I said to him that a four-day turnaround for squads that don’t have the real depth is something that has to be improved,” Robinson said in Wellington.

“It’s not something that we should be allowing to happen if possible. It’s better than it was in 2007 and hopefully in 2015 it will improve again.”

He added: “Teams can do it if you have the depth of squad like the top nations (but) if you don’t have that depth… it does put you under huge pressure.

“All teams should have a five-day turnaround, but I guess that’s down to television and the media and it’s really for you to help and support that for these teams.”

The smaller nations have done well at Rugby World Cup 2011 so far as Scotland found out in their first two games. They needed late tries to beat Romania 34-24 and then battled to a 15-6 win over Georgia in their second game.

Robinson is pleased to see the minnows doing well on the big stage.

“I have always enjoyed banging the drum for the Tier Two nations because for the game of rugby to go truly global we need 20 teams there competing for the World Cup as you have in soccer,” Robinson said.

“I see that happening in probably 16 years time, it will take some time for that to occur.

“(But) with professionalism, with governments getting behind some of the eastern European countries, that will help develop the game so that’s brilliant.

“The same with the Pacific Islands. It’s brilliant they’re able to pick their best sides and bring them to this tournament because it only enhances the World Cup.

“There shouldn’t be any easy games for teams.”


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